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" I saw that you were perfect and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more. "

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Hi guys,

Can I have a few minutes? I know this isn’t your burden to carry, but I’m trying to raise funds for a family member who’s in deep sleep in the ICU for several days now. I also wouldn’t burden you with the details, and you are not obliged to comply. Just putting this out here in case a kind soul happens to stumble upon this..

These three B&W photos (along with another set) are available as art prints in my society6 shop. Please feel free to browse through the gallery to see if you fancy anything that’d do well as a souvenir/keepsake/gift.

You can also help through Likes. I joined an open photo contest which highlight’s women’s resiliency and submitted those three entries above. Normally I wouldn’t fret so much about this because I’m not a big fan of the inclusion of a liking criterion. However, the monetary prize would be a welcome addition to the fund. You can view the gallery here. Just look for these three and hit like - you’ll be done in seconds.

Thank you, thank you for your time. Even the likes would already be a grand gesture.

With all my sincerity,


Hey Guys! Help me vote for my favorite photographer! :D 


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" I’m falling apart again but I’m too tired to care. "


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